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Who Is Roberto Azevedo And His Roles In World Trade Organization?

Any person who is interested in global commerce may wish to explore the topic further. In 2013, Roberto Azevedo was selected as the Director General of the World Trade Organization. In this capacity, Mr. Azevedo will likely have an opportunity to affect commerce on a global level. An individual who performs an online search for the phrase, who is Roberto Azevedo and his roles in World Trade Organization, is probably looking for information about this man and his new role within the global organization. There is much information worth considering, from background information concerning Mr. Azevedo, to his current roles as Director General.

Before exploring his current role, a person may find it helpful to learn about the background information of the current Director General. Mr. Azevedo seems to have an impressive work history. Mr. Azevedo is Brazilian, and he achieved multiple degrees in his home country. He has a degree in electrical engineering, as well as a degree in international relations. In 1984, he became a member of the Brazilian Foreign Service. He has previously served in a diplomatic capacity in Washington. He worked for a few years in the Dispute Settlement Unit of the Brazilian Foreign Ministry. His dispute settlement and litigation experience also include disputes that involved the World Trade Organization.

The current Director General has also worked as Vice Minister for the Economic and Technical Affairs unit at the Brazilian Foreign Ministry. He has worked as a primary trade negotiator, as well. He has also been given the title of a Permanent Representative of Brazil in Geneva, Switzerland. The Brazilian ambassador has lectured on and had articles published on the subject of international economics. His articles have appeared in at least two publications.

World Trade Organization

WTO History and Rules!

Understanding something about the group which the man now directs could be useful. The main goal of the World Trade Organization is to manage the rules of trade that exist between nations across the globe. The primary mission of this group is to aid in implementing free, smooth, and predictable trade between various countries that are involved with the organization. The group was founded in 1995, replacing a former agreement that had existed since 1948. The organization provides assistance in dispute settlements, as well as in regulating the rules of international trade. The major purpose of the settlement process is to ensure that the agreements of the organization are being followed properly.

The new Director General, Roberto Azevedo, has established his intention to aid in settling an array of disputes associated with the global group. The previous Director General served for several years, and some individuals felt that a new Director General could be helpful in resolving certain issues that have existed for quite some time. Roberto Azevedo was chosen over several other candidates for the position. His major competition for the position was a Mexican economist named Herminio Blanco Mendoza. The diplomatic skills of Mr. Azevedo, as well as the emerging diplomatic position of Brazil in the international framework of countries, could well have led to the ultimate victory of the present Director General. He will be the first Latin American to direct the group, which is based in Geneva.

A project currently being negotiated by the group is the Doha Development Round. The Doha Development Round maintains a focus on the various needs of countries that are still developing. Due to certain obstacles, work on the Doha Development Round, which is also referred to as the Doha Round, has not been completed, and this work could potentially be left incomplete. These obstacles include a variety of complex factors. In his role as Director General, Mr. Azevedo seems determined to help resolve the issues that have left the Doha Round in its incomplete status.

Roberto Azevedo and his Achievements

As recently as May of 2014, the Director General has placed a major focus on resolving the issues associated with the Doha Development Round. Mr. Azevedo has made his intention clear that he would like to have concluded the talks by the end of 2014. A food security issue has been a main concern for India. In the process of concluding the Doha Round discussions, the Director General would also like to find a permanent and reasonable solution to that food security issue. A resolution to the Doha agenda could lead to greater economic opportunities for exporters from Bangladesh. Decisions concerning Bali could also be beneficial to certain Bangladeshi businesses. Representatives from Bangladesh seem ready to serve in a leadership capacity, in order to facilitate the process and benefit as many Bangladeshi exporters as possible. The various countries involved have much to do with how smooth this process could ultimately be. Each country has specific concerns to address, within the context of the Doha Development Round.

In one interview, the present Director General mentioned that he has three main areas of focus, in terms of the World Trade Organization. His first concern is to implement agreements that have already been made. This aspect of his job is important, because it can help to maintain the elements within the organization that are already functioning well. Mr. Azevedo feels that his second concern is to help settle trade disagreements between nations that are members of the group. He also believes that the current system for resolving such disputes is an effective one. His third concern is the Doha Round, and the effort to resolve that topic is clearly in progress. He seems to feel that each issue must be resolved, if the World Trade Organization is to move forward as an effective and powerful association.

The current Director General of this global group is certainly faced with some formidable challenges. He has been left with the challenge of resolving the complex issues related to the Doha Development Round. He is also faced with maintaining the aspects of the World Trade Organization that are working well. His long history of settling disputes will probably work to his advantage, as he leads this global commerce association in a direction that satisfies all the countries involved. The people who chose him for the position of Director General likely felt that he was the most qualified candidate for the job.

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